About Us

Here at Salem Auto Sales it’s simple: we take pride in offering high quality service to help our customers get back on the road quickly and affordably.

We help our customers by selling used car parts. Salem Auto Sales is family-owned, and, because of this, we treat all of our customers as another member of our family. We enjoy developing a long-term relationship with our customers supplying replacement parts when they have an accident or other problem.

Salem Auto Sales has been a part of the Winston Salem community for many years, but is now under new ownership. Aaron Craver, current owner of Salem Auto Sales, is an auto enthusiast who is dedicated to exceptional customer service and contributing positively to the Winston Salem community.

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Aaron Craver


Aaron Craver grew up in the automotive industry, beginning with racing go-karts as a kid to working in his father’s auto body shop when he was older, to keeping up with his car hobby in his spare time. Life pulled him in other directions, but he has found his way back to his original passion and dream of owning his own automotive business with Salem Auto Sales.

With Salem Auto Sales, Aaron runs an automotive business which helps everyday customers get back on the road with whatever tools they need. Whether they need to purchase a used or pre-owned vehicle, they need 

used parts to repair their vehicle, or they need routine maintenance to keep their vehicle in excellent shape.

Aaron and Carmen Craver have been married for 20 years and run Salem Auto Sales together. They are local and have always lived in the Triad area, so they enjoy contributing to the community with their business. They also have a daughter, who loves horses and being a part of local rodeos! When they’re not working at Salem Auto Sales, they spend their weekends at the rodeos or working on the family farm together!